You can use Timesheet on the timetracking section of Koho on the "Timesheet" tab. On top of the page you can see the week number and time period you are viewing. Below that you can see a weekly view of your sessions and add more sessions.



You can move from one week to another week by using the arrow symbols next to the date or by selecting the desired date from the calendar. You can see all task rows that have been added to the selected week and add more task rows if needed. Read more about adding task rows from this article: 2.3.2 Timesheet - Adding and deleting task rows.

From the "Today" button you can easily move to the current week. "Copy previous week" button copies the previous week's task rows to the current week (the sessions are not copied).

From the "+/- Assignments" button you can hide or show the tasks that belong to the assignments you have added to the Timesheet. Read more about assignments on Timesheet from this article: 2.3.5 Timesheet - Adding assignments.

From the "Week" button you can view your sessions in a list form. You can add and edit invoice descriptions and internal comments. You can also change the task, duration and date of the session or remove sessions. Admin users can also copy the week to other employees.


If you select the "Sub headings" field, you can see customer and project on one row and the task on its own row.

You can also open a monthly view by selecting the "Monthly view" field. From the calendar you can the amount of tracked hours for each day and go to the desired week by choosing a day from the calendar.

Daily working hours and goals


Koho calculates daily working hours automatically as the user adds sessions for the day. You can see the cumulative daily working hours at the bottom of each day column. Below the working hours, on the left, you can see hour targets for the day (if they have been set) and, on the right, you can see the cumulative flextime including the current day.

Read more about tracking hours with Timesheet from this article: 2.3.3 Timesheet - Tracking and accepting working hours