In order to be able to track working hours with Timesheet, you need to add a task row to the weekly view. You can add a task row from the "+Add" button. From the opening window you can add tasks and assignments to the weekly view.

On the "Add tasks" window you can filter the project listing by responsible person, project group and search bar. If you select the "Show only responsible projects" you'll only see your own projects. 

From the listing, choose the customer and the project you want to track working hours for by clicking the customer's name. After that click on the "+Add" button on the desired task's row. If you want to, you can add all tasks in the project to your Timesheet by clicking the "+All" button. You can also add project phases to the Timesheet. Read more about this option from this article: 2.6.1 Project plans on Timesheet

When you are adding assignments, you can search for them by customer's or project's name. Alternatively you can search for assignments by their name. Click the assignment to open it and then you can add the assignment and its task from the "+Add" button. Read more about adding assignments to Timesheet from this article: 2.3.5 Timesheet - Adding assignment rows

After you have added all the necessary tasks, you can close the window from the "x" symbol or by pressing ESC button. 

2. Copying the previous week 


As you go to a new week, you can copy the previous week's task rows by clicking the "Copy previous week" button (working hours are not copied).

Koho copies the previous week's task rows to the current week and you can start tracking hours. If necessary, you can add new task rows from "+Add" button or delete unnecessary rows from the "x" symbol.

3. Deleting a task row from Timesheet 


If there are no sessions for a task, it is possible to delete the task row. You can do it by clicking the "x" symbol at the end of the row.

If a task row has sessions and the task row is deleted, the task row remains in the Timesheet to prevent the sessions from disappearing from Koho. In order to delete a row with sessions, you need to reset the sessions to zero first.