It is also possible to add assignment rows to Timesheet. Click the "+Add" button. Go to the "Add Assignment" tab and choose the desired customer and project. Now you can see all assignments related to the chosen project. You can also search for a customer, project or assignment with the search bar. 

As you click on the assignment row, you can see all tasks on the project. Click the "+Add" button to add a task to your Timesheet. After you have added all necessary tasks, you can close the window. 

You can now add sessions to the assignment in the same as for a regular Timesheet task row.

You can add new tasks for the assignment from the "+Task" link.

Click on the task you want add and it is added to your Timesheet under the selected assignment. 

Requirements can be marked as completed by clicking their number. Click on the requirement to mark it as completed.


All requirements can be marked as completed by clicking the "Complete" link.