On "My workspace" you can create multiple boards where you can follow and plan your personal or your team's workflow and create to do lists. On this article we will take a look at how you can create, edit and delete boards. If you want to read about the basic use of my workspace, take a look at this article: 2.7.1 My workspace - Basic use.

Contents of this article:

1. Creating a board 

2. Editing and deleting a board

3. Sharing a board

1. Creating a new board

You can create a new board from the "Create new board" icon. 

Give the new board a descriptive name and then click the "Create" button. You can set the board as a favourite by clicking the start next to the board's name. This board is the default board that opens when you open my workspace.

2. Editing and deleting a board

You can edit and delete a board by clicking the symbol next to the board's name. From the settings you can edit the board's name and share it to other employees. Write the employee's or team's name to the field. You can also set other employees than yourself to be administers of the board. This means that they can edit the board's settings. Remember to save after you have made the necessary changes.

If the board has completed cards, it is not possible to delete it. In this case you can archive the board. Otherwise you can delete the board from the "Delete" button.

From the "Copy" button you can copy the board. Give the new board a name. If you select the "Also copy fields" field, you can also copy the cards that are on the stages. From the "Move dates" you can move the start and due dates forward if it is necessary. On the new board, all cards are on the first stage as a default.

3. Sharing a board

The board can only be shared by the employee who has created the board and possible board administers that this employee has defined. You can share the board from the board's settings (see previous part of this article) or from the "Share board" symbol.


After you have clicked the symbol, you can share the board with single employees or whole teams. After you have made your selection, click on the "Share" button. If the board has already been shared with some employees, you can see them in the list.

After this, the selected employees can see the board on their board list. The name of the person who shared the board is shown in parenthesis behind the board's name.