Contents of the article:

1. Basic use of My workspace

2. Board features

3. Board filters

1. Basic use of My workspace

On "My workspace" you can create multiple boards where you can follow and plan your personal or your team's workflow and create to do lists.

You can go to My workspace from the "Work Sessions" page.

To create a new stage click on the "+New stage" button and give the stage a descriptive name.

One board can have multiple stages. For example, you can create own stage for each phase of your work.


You can create new cards from the "+Add new" button. Cards can be for example single tasks related to your work.


Cards must be given at least a name. You can also give a more lengthy description of the card in the description field. Also start and due dates for the card's task can be defined.

By right-clicking on the card or clicking on the three dots on the card, you can open the full card where it is possible to add comments, files, labels and responsible persons to the card. Read more about editing cards from this article: 2.7.4 My workspace - Editing the card

Cards can be deleted from the trashcan icon.

You can drag cards from one stage to another. After you have finished the card's task, you can drag the card to the "Execute" box or click "Execute" on the card.


2. Board features

On top of the board you can see the following features for the board:

1: From the dropdown menu you can select which board you want to view.

2: You can edit the board's name and the persons it has been shared with. 

3: Create a new board. You can create as many boards as you want to. 

4: Share board to other employees and teams.

5: Edit and create new labels for the board.

6: Summary of all boards. 

7: Completed items. You can see a list of all completed cards.

8: My settings. You can defines your own settings for my workspace.

Read more about these different functions from these articles: 2.7.2 My workspace - Creating, editing, deleting and sharing a board and  2.7.3 My workspace - Features of boards and stages.

3. Board filters

You can filter the cards by date, priority or labels. You can also order the cards by priority, start date or due date.


My workspace needs to be activated by our customer service. Please contact us at if you would like to try this feature.