Tags can be added to cards to add information and to make filtering easier on the board. On this article we'll take a look at:

1. Creating tags

Tags can be created from the "Edit tags" symbol on top of the board.

On top of the window you can see the existing tags. (Red and blue are default tags created by Koho). You can delete tags from the trashcan icon. If you delete a tag, it is also removed from all cards that have it.

You can create a new tag by giving it a name and choosing a colour from the "Color" button. Lastly click save.

You can also copy tags from another board by choosing the board from the menu and clicking "Copy".

2. Adding tags to cards

If you have added tags to the board, you can add them to the card on the card edit window. You can delete a tag from the cross next to the tag's name. Remember to save any changes.

On the board view you can see the tags like this: