Contents of the article:

1. Editing the card

2. Adding files to the card

3. Adding comments to the card

1. Editing the card

You can start editing a card by clicking it. 

This activates the card and you can edit its name, description and start and due dates. After you have made the necessary changes, remember to save. You can also set the card as completed or delete it. 

If you click on the thee dots, it opens the card edit window. You can open it also by right clicking the card when the card is not active.

On the edit window you can again edit the card's name, description, start and due dates. You can also make the following definitions for the card:

  • Responsible: You can set a responsible person for the card. The list shows only employees to whom you have shared the board.
  • Priority: You can set the card's priority to low, medium or high. Cards with medium priority have a yellow attention symbol and cards with high priority have a red symbol. Cards with low priority have no symbol.
  • Tags: You can add tags to the card. Read more about tags from this article: 2.7.5 My workspace - Tags.
  • Color: You can choose which colour is shown on top of the card.

You can also add files and comments to the card. These are explained later in this article.

This is how you can see the different definitions on the card:

2. Adding files to the card

On the card edit window it is possible to add files to the card. Click on the "+File" button to add a file. You can give the file a name and a description and choose the folder the file is saved to. Folders are managed from main user's settings. You can also drag files to the "Drop files here" area.

You can also add files by dragging the file to the card on the My workspace - view when the card is not active.

On the card you can see the amount of added files and whether they are images or other file formats.

You can edit or delete the files on the card edit window. The edit symbol appears when you take your cursor above the file.

3. Adding comments to the card

On the card edit window you can also add and view comments. On the comment you can see who has added it and when.  You can also edit comments that were added by you. If you want to remove a comment, click on the "Edit" link and click the "Remove" button.

You can also set an attention mark to the comment if the comment needs attention. Click on the triangle next to the comment header.

On the card edit window you can see the attention mark like this: 

On My workspace - view you can see the amount of comments on a card. If the card has comments with an attention mark, the comment symbol is red.