Contents of this article:

1. Filtering the board

2. Features of stages

2. Completed cards

1. Filtering the board

You can filter the cards by date, priority or labels. Click on the type of filter you want to set and choose the filter.

If you filter by start date, you can only see cards whose start or due date is after this date. If you set an end date, you can see only cards whose start date and due date is before this date. 

If you filter by priority, you can only see cards that have the selected priority. On the picture below, the priority filter is set to "Medium".

By selecting a tag filter, you can only see cards with the selected tag(s). Read more about tags from this article: 2.7.5 My workspace - Tags.

If you have set responsible persons to the cards, you can also use the responsible persons as filters. After choosing a responsible person, you can only see cards where this employee is responsible.

You can also order the cards by priority, start date or due date.

2. Features of stages

You can create a new stage by clicking the "+New stage" button. Give the new stage a name and press enter or click outside of the field to save the stage. 

You can rename a stage by clicking its name which activates the field. Save the new name by clicking outside of the field. If there are several stages, you can move them to left or right from the arrow symbol next to the name. You can remove all cards inside a stage by clicking the cross symbol. The whole stage can be removed if there are no cards on it by clicking the trashcan symbol.

3. Completed cards

When there is at least one completed card on the board, you can see a "Completed items" symbol on the board. If you click on the symbol, you can see a list of all completed cards in a new window.

On the list you can see all completed cards. If you click on a row, you can make changes to the card. By clicking the "Unarchive" link, the card is returned to the stage where it was marked completed.