A joint session is a concept that allows a single row to hold data from multiple work sessions. They are often used when a job has to be started and stopped repeatedly. A joint session can be returned back to individual sessions at any time.

A joint session is identified by the merging arrow icon in the row selection column:

1. Joint session: Continuing a session

Unconfirmed sessions can be continued by pressing the "Cont." button on the right side of the session row. As the session continues, the row becomes a joint session. By clicking the row open, above the Task field you can see how many individual sessions the joint session consists of, as well as their total number of hours.

Clicking on the "Joint session" button will open a window where you can view the contents of the joint session in more detail:

  1. Excel: You can load the breakdown of the joint session into Excel by pressing the "Excel" button.
  2. Part shift edit view: You can click on the row of the part shift to open the edit view of the shift, more on this later.
  3. Copy delegate comments to subsessions: When a joint session is formed, the invoice descriptions and internal comments of all part shifts are entered in the corresponding fields for the joint session, separated by commas. If you wish, you can copy the invoice description and internal comment you have entered for the joint session to all part shifts by pressing the "Copy delegate comments to subsessions" button. This can be used if you want to override all part shift invoice descriptions and internal comments.

Part shift edit view

  • Date: You can change the shift's date.
  • Time: You can change the start and end time of the shift either by entering a new time directly in the fields or, alternatively, by clicking on the field and using the sliders. Koho also calculates the time in the "Hours" and "Int." -fields based on this.
  • Hours: If needed, you can enter your own number of hours in the "Hours (billable or contractable hours)" field.
  • Int.: You can also enter your own number of hours in the "Internal (internal hours)" field.
  • Customer +Comment: You can post a comment to the shift's customer by pressing the "+ Comment" button, after which the comment will appear on the customer's customer card. 
  • Partition: You can divide the session's hours with other customers using the "Partition" button. You can find out more about the partition of hours from this link (section 4): Kellokortti - Tuntikirjausten muokkaus "Vahvistamatta"-välilehdellä (korjataan linkki, kun ohje on valmis)
  • Invoice description: You can edit the shift's invoice description (shows on the customer's invoice).
  • Internal comment: You can also edit the internal comment (visible to the biller, for example).
  • Attachments: To add attachments to the shift, press the "+ add" button and select the file to be added.
  • Product: The products on the joint session are listed in the view, but the products can only be edited in the joint session's editing mode. To access the joint session's edit mode, click the "for joint session" button above the Product.
  • Save: Press the "Save" button to save your changes.
  • Delete: You can also delete a part shift by pressing the "Delete" button, during which Koho will still ask if you are sure you want to delete the shift.
  • Previous: To return to the part shift-list, press the "Previous" button.

You can also close the window by pressing the "X" in the upper right corner or by pressing the ESC key.

Joint session editing mode

In the joint session editing mode, in addition to the functions of the part shift's editing mode, you can change the customer, add products, edit product information, and assign a joint session to an assignment. Unlike a part shift, a joint session cannot be deleted directly but must first be disassembled into separate session rows from the "Revert" button. You can learn more about editing sessions from this link: Time Card - Editing sessions on the "Unconfirmed" tab

2. Partitioning a joint session and merging sessions

You can dismantle a single joint session by clicking the "Return" button on the right side of the row. If the joint session had any products, they are transferred to a one of the individual sessions. An invoice description or internal comment entered directly to the joint session are lost.

You can also dismantle all unconfirmed joint sessions at once by pressing the "Partition" button.

To combine shifts into a joint session, select the desired sessions from the selection column as active and click "Merge" in the lower left corner of the screen. To combine sessions made on different days for the same task, select "Merge into single session". If you only want to combine sessions made on the same day for the same task, select "Merge by dates". If your "Unconfirmed"-list has multiple session rows for the same job (same customer, name, and task), it's usually a good idea to combine the rows. This will help your company's biller. To cancel merging, window by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner or by pressing the ESC key.