1. Continuing a session

To continue clocking hours to a session, press the "Cont." button on the right side of the session row. Koho then moves the session to the active session section, and the time for the session continues to accumulate. At the same time, the session row becomes a joint session. Joint sessions are described in more detail in this guide: Time card - Joint sessions

To continue the previous session, click icon next to the "Start button" on the active session section.

2. Confirming a session

Session rows will remain unconfirmed until they are approved by the employee by pressing the "Confirm" button on either the "Unconfirmed" or "Timesheet" tab. It is the responsibility of the employee to make sure the information in the sessions is correct (hours worked or products on which the billing is based, customer, and work done). Once done, the session can be confirmed. You can confirm individual sessions by clicking the "Confirm" button on the right side of the row, or you can confirm all sessions at once by clicking the "Confirm sessions" button at the bottom right of the section. After confirmation the sessions will be available for the biller to process them further.

After confirmation, the sessions can still be edited in the Reporting section as long as the biller has not invoiced or archived the session. See this guide for more detailed instructions: 2.5.1 Working time reports: where can I see my cumulative shifts and working time?

It is good practice to always confirm the completed sessions at the end of the working day, so that they are transferred to invoicing and are not left hanging on the employees own list.

3. Deleting a session

You can delete a work session by clicking the "Remove" button on the right side of the session row.