Limiting session rows on "Unconfirmed" tab

To filter sessions that appear on the "Unverified" tab, follow these steps:

  • Time frame: By entering the start and end dates, Koho will only display the session rows for that time period. Hovering over the calendar-icons opens a menu to easily select predefined time periods for the date fields (e.g. the current month or the beginning of the year). You can also turn off time selection by hovering the mouse over the calendar-icon and selecting the "Disable date filter" option.
  • Customers: Filter sessions to a specific customer.
  • Categories: Filter sessions by assignment categories
  • Requirements: Sessions can also be filtered by a specific assignment requirement, to show only the sessions that contain a specific requirement.
  • Completed/In progress: Can be used to further refine the previous requirement selection, in which case, for example, all work orders in which the "receipt of materials" action has been completed will be displayed.

CAUTION! Finally, be sure to clear any selections you've made so that you can see all of your unapproved hours.