You can add sessions also with the "+Session" button. This is especially useful for retrospective sessions.

The sessions can be either single work sessions or term sessions. You can choose which one you want add on the over part of the "New session" form. As a default Koho chooses the "Work session" option. The term option is covered in more detail in this article: 2.4.2 Adding a term session with the "+Session" button

Work session

Work session is a single entry for a customer and a task. You can make the following definitions for the new session:

  1. Customer
  2. Task
  3. Time: you can fill in the start and end time or alternatively enter the length of the session to the "Hours" field.
  4. Date: the date can also be in the past
  5. You can also add invoice description and internal comment if necessary. 
  6. From the "Add product" button you can add products to the session. After you have selected the product, you can make further definitions for the product.
  7. If you choose the "Open assignment" selection, you can create an assignment from the session. To the "Subject" field you can fill in name of the requirement. 
  8. Save.
  9. The session is saved to the "Unconfirmed" page or "Timesheet" page depending your company's settings.