1. Using the work-time clock

If your company is using the workday clock to follow daily working time, you can see the workday  clock in the right corner of the navigation bar.

When you want to start your working time, click on the clock sign. The clock starts running and the "Away" text changes to "At work". Next to the text you can see the cumulative working time for the day. The number updates when refreshing the page. Below the text you can see the start time. If you have a hour target for the day, you will see the estimated end time in parenthesis. You can stop your working time by clicking the clock sign again.

If you need to stop tracking working time during the day (e.g. for lunch or personal meetings) you can stop the clock for that period and then start it again. The cumulative working time updates when you refresh the page.

2. Working time types

If your company has several working time types for the workday  clock, then you must choose which type you want to clock. Once you have chosen the type, the workday   clock starts running.

If you have started to clock "At work" hours and then wish to go for a lunch break, it's not necessary to stop the timer and start it again. You can simply click on the clock sign and then choose the lunch type from the list. Koho automatically stops the "At work" -clocking and starts a new one with the "Lunch" -type. The same principle works for all other types as well.

If you have personal matters to attend to during the day, remember to clock out  by clicking the "Stop" option. When you get back to work, start the workday clock again.

It is also possible to automatically track overtime with the workday clock. This functionality needs to be configured by our customer service, so to enable it please contact our customer service at

3. Changing the start time for workday clock

It is possible to change the start time for the ongoing shift by clicking on the start time. This opens a window where you can fill in the correct start time and a mandatory comment. Type in the reason for changing the starting time (e.g. I forgot to turn on the clock when I started working). Changes are always tracked in timetracking reports where administrators can see them.

When you click outside of the window, the new start time is updated and visible in the workday clock and a new cumulative working time is calculated.

If you need to make changes to past shifts, you can do that in the timetracking reports. Read more about that from this article: 2.5.1 Working time reports: where can I see my cumulative shifts and hours?

4. If you forget to stop the clock

If you forget to stop the clock at the end of the day, Koho asks for the end time the next time you log into the system. In the upper field fill in the end time. In the comment field you can also leave a comment. Finally click "Save". 

After this you can start the day clock again for the new day.