You can use customer-specific catalogs if you need to have a different price for a product depending on the customer. For instance, you can have a product like pay slip cost 1,50 € for one customer and 2,0 € for another. 

How to create a catalogue?

Go to "Products" tab on "Settings" and then choose "Catalogs". Click the "+Catalog" button.

This will open a new window where you can do the necessary definitions for your catalogue:

  • Name and description give your catalogue a descriptive name and a description, if needed.
  • Validity period if needed, you can define a validity period for your catalogue
  • Responsible you can choose an employee that is responsible for this catalogue. This is useful in cases where there are a lot of catalogues and employees who edit them
  • Category if needed, you can choose a category for the catalogue. Categories can be created by clicking the "Categories" button on the "Catalogs" page. 
  • Pricing priority selecting pricing priority causes the prices on this catalog to override other prices e.g. on customer’s projects and contracts. 
  • % price rounding if you want to round percentage prices to whole numbers, you can use this field to define the desired level.

Product list is below the catalogue settings: 
  • Default prices are written on light grey font.  
  • When you change the default price, the font changes into bold. If you move your cursor on top of the price, you can see a tooltip that shows the original price. 
  • If you click the € symbol next to the price, it changes to %. In this way you can make either positive or negative percentual changes to prices. For instance, if you enter 5%, this product will cost 5% more to the customers in this catalog. If you enter –5%, they will get 5% lower prices. Note that if you make changes to your default price, the catalog price changes as well when they are defined with percentual values.  
  • You can also make changes by product category by giving a price to the field next to the category name. All products in this category will have the same price. 
  • Finally, you must choose which customers belong to this catalog. You can use the dropdown menu to choose all customers that have the same tag or the select all link next to customer groups. 

How to edit, copy or delete a catalogue? 

You can edit or delete existing catalogs by clicking the catalog you want to edit or delete on the catalogue list. It can be found from the same page where you create catalogues. Go to "Settings" and from the "Products" tab choose "Catalogs". 

After you have clicked the catalog, it will open into a new window. You can for example make changes to prices or add customers to the catalog. As a default, catalogs only show the products which have a different price than the price list. If you want to add new products to your catalog, click the "Show/hide empty" button. Then you will see all products in your product list. Finally, click "Save".  

Use the Remove button to delete the catalog. You can also copy the catalog to use it as a base for a new catalog.