Updating an existing customer

There are several ways to edit customer information
  • Write the customer’s name on the search bar and click directly on the edit sign

  • You can also open the customer card by clicking the customer's name on the search results. Then click the "Edit" button on the customer card.

  • Find the customer in the "Customers" section:
The "Active" -tab shows all customers that have been already invoiced. In the "Prospective" tab you can see customers that have not been invoiced yet. Both tabs have the "Edit" button which you can click to edit the customer. 

  • When editing customer’s offer, contract or project, you can also make changes to customer’s basic information.  

For more information more about the different fields in customer's information form, take a look at this article: 3.1.1 Creating a new customer


Deleting a customer

If a customer doesn’t have any offers, projects, invoices etc. it is possible to delete them. The delete button is then visible on the customer card: 

However, if your customer has offers, projects or invoices etc. it is not possible to delete them. They must be archived so that their data can still be used for reporting. Archiving the customer will hide them from search results and menus nor can you create new data for the customer. The "Archive" button can be found in the customer card.